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In Hungary, it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent news outlets, including the conservative Magyar Hang (Hungarian Voice), to survive. Meanwhile, a significant number of people living in rural areas are only reached by government propaganda.

Now, you can tackle both problems at once: sponsor a rural library, a secondary school community, a retirement home, or a social or cultural institution with the weekly print edition of Magyar Hang. In this way, you symbolically adopt a small rural community which will now receive real news the (government) propaganda is silent about, and you also contribute to the survival of the independent press in Hungary.

Our subscription packages:
Half-year subscription: 40 euros
One-year subscription: 75 euros

You can pay via PayPal:, tamogatas [at] magyarhang [dot] org

The international bank account number of Alhambra Press, publisher of Magyar Hang:
Bank address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor street 16, Hungary

If you just want to support us, you can also donate on our Patreon page.

About Magyar Hang

Magyar Hang (Hungarian Voice) weekly and news website was founded by unemployed journalists who lost their jobs when one day after the 2018 elections, the biggest political daily was shut down by its owner due to political and economic reasons. Journalists had to start from scratch, but by now, the conservative Magyar Hang, which is independent of the government, has grown to become the second-biggest weekly in the country. Their news website,, has an average of 700 thousand unique visitors a month. Their Youtube videos are watched by 400 thousand people on a monthly average.

Magyar Hang focuses on corruption cases, the everyday life and livelihood problems of people living in the rural areas, and is also concerned about the environment and sustainability. Their investigative, reality-showing work is hampered in many ways by the government.

The journalists of Magyar Hang are not allowed to attend the government’s press conferences, their questions are left unanswered by the ruling parties and the ministries, their interview requests are denied by the government officials. They could not find a printing house in Hungary willing to sign a contract with them, so the paper is produced in Bratislava, Slovakia. The editorial staff is not backed by an owner or a generous donor. Since not only the vast majority of domestic companies but also the international companies dare not or do not want to advertise in the newspaper and on the website, the salaries of the 32 journalists are mostly financed from newspaper sales.